5 Ways to Make Your Website Very Fast

Why you need to have a super fast website? Off course to make your visitors stay more and come back again to your site. A faster website attracts more customers and gives a better user experience. Likewise to gain more visitors to your site you can also take PPC Company in Gurgaon. But in all the case your site needs to be speedy. So, have a look below what you can do to make your site super fast.

1- Optimize Images

The bigger images take more time to load. So you need to concentrate on the format, size and the src attribute of the images. You can crop images to the ideal size, remove image comments, and reduce colour depth. While talking about the image format, JPEG is the good option to choose. PNG is also a good option to go but older browsers may not support it. After having the images of right format and right size, make sure that the code is also right. Also ensure to add the src attribute in the <img src=””> with a valid URL.

2- Reducing the Number of Plug-ins

Numerous plug-in on the website makes site slower in terms of speed, create security issues, and various technical problems. So reduce the number of plug-ins by deleting or deactivating the irrelevant plug-ins.

3- Minimizing HTTP Requests

In order to minimize the HTTP requests you should streamline the number of elements of the on-page. Also lessen the scripts and have them at the bottom of the page. You should also combine various style sheets into one.

4- Install the WP Rocket Plug-in

If you have your site in WordPress then you must install the WP Rocket plug-in. This plug-in automatically minimizes JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It allows database optimization, browser caching and page caching. WP Rocket plug-in is very effective in reducing the loading speed of the website. So install it in order to get a super fast website.

5- Upgrade to PHP 7.1

I understand it is not so easy to upgrade your site every time when a new version is launched. But it is essential to keep up with the latest versions. Believe me the advanced software versions are faster as compared to the older ones. So it is necessary to upgrade to the newer version so as to get a faster and better speed.

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