5 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Blog Website for SEO

If you are a blog writer and wondering how people do business from

blogging, you must learn to optimize your blog posts to make them

visible to more readers. PPC Services in Gurgaon takes advantage of

expansive marketing potential of the blogs which many bloggers do not

know. Many big companies also use blogs for their business by

providing fresh, relevant & attractive content. Below are few easy Search

Engine Optimization (SEO) tips you can use to make your blog posts

more search engine friendly.

1- Do Keyword Research Before Writing

When you chose to write any topic, you must research the relevant

keywords which are most searchable and include those keywords in the

write-up. There are variety of tools & techniques available online for

proper keyword research. SEO Company in Gurgaon uses tools like se

semrush & MozPro which allow you to find related keywords according

to your topic and let you the traffic & competition of those keywords.

2- Use these Keywords Intelligently in the Blog

After noting down your targeted keywords, it is important to use these

keywords throughout the post with proper placement such that the

reader and search engine crawlers can easily get that keyword while

indexing. So, when any one search the keyword used in the post, search

engine finds the keyword on your blog and bring the search result. You

can include the keywords in title, headings & subheadings, introductory

sentence, concluding paragraph, anchor text to hyperlink it to related

pages, and title tags & meta descriptions.

3- Optimize the Images

Uploading images and photos to your blogs not just attracts people to

click and read more but it helps search engines to search relevant

mages while indexing. SEO Services in India always includes keywords

in the image, saves the images with the relevant keyword and add the

alt text field with a brief using the keyword. A keyword rich description

images is said to be the optimized images.

4- Use Social Media Link to Increase the Blog Reach

Through social media you can reach thousands of people and create

followers and connection with your potential as well as current

customers. Using this method broaden the reach of the blog in an easier & faster


5- Provide the Option to Subscribe Your Blog

While providing an option to subscribe your blog via reader’s email id

allows followers to get instant notification of your latest post so that

reader’s do not miss any of your posts. Also, you would not want your

post lovers to check your blogs again and again for new updates. You

also get a database, which you can use further for business promotion

or marketing purpose.

PPC Services in Gurgaon


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