3 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Website for Google

Ecommerce websites have several pitfalls such as duplicate content, and a huge product catalog that makes it hard to achieve a higher visibility on search engines. Well if you want to know how to optimize your Ecommerce website for Google then this blog is for you, check out these basic tips that will help you to gain more Google attention.

1- Reduce Website Load Time

Initiate with reducing the loading time of your site. For Ecommerce websites, it is very vital to have websites that loads just in few seconds.

If your site is consuming more than 10 seconds then you need to optimize your ecommerce website for faster access. Your customers will move to your competitors website due to slow page loading and may never come back because of the poor experience. Take help of the PPC Company in Gurgaon for minimizing the sizes of your website elements and for fast servers.

2- On-Site Optimization

On-site optimization is prominent for SEO purpose. Optimize content, images, videos, product pages, category pages, headings, tags, URLs, sitemaps, internal linkings, and social media integration. You should also have search engine optimization friendly CMS that will help you with your website loading time as well as optimize your titles, headings, meta tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, and site pages in accordance with the listed keywords.

3- Optimize Your Content

Another thing that search engine considers is the content so content needs to be optimized for your website. You should give more focus to content as this is the crucial factor for your search engine visibility. Keep your product descriptions rich with the targeted keywords also make them user friendly. You should also update your contents frequently. As Google gives priority to those websites which updates pages constantly. Try to be unique and innovative and don’t copy content from others.

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